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1 731 300 Kč


853 m2


Maio, Calheta



The building plot is located directly on the Praia Baxona in the city of Calheta which is on the west coast of the island Maio. The total area of this property is 853 m². There are no other building plots around this property so the owners do not have to worry about space and privacy. Not to mention the stunning ocean view the plot provides.

Maio is considered by the locals to be one of the most beautiful islands in Cape Verde and has recently been investing in its infrastructure and development. The island has been recently developing so fast due to the flood of foreign investments. There is a brand new port that has been built and there is an international airport that is currently under construction. In addition to the protection of the local landscape and endangered animals, the number of plots directly on the beach is limited. In the future, we can expect higher demand for property in Maio which will reflect on the exponential growth of the price.

The beach Praia Baxona is made up of white and black sand and measures 500 m. Due to the beach’s semi-circular shape, the Ocean water is calm all year around. It makes an ideal swimming place for children. In the past, the beach served as a connecting point with the nearby island of Santiago it is now used by the local fisherman from Calheta. The beach is also visited by locals because of its ideal swimming conditions. You can also visit the nearby beach called Praia do Morro which is a natural reserve and a place where many types of endangered sea turtles nest.

The city of Calheta has a rich history and was acknowledged and recorded on Maps as early as the 18th century. With a population of more than 1000 people, it is the second-largest city on the island of Maio. All basic services are available here including healthcare. There is a road connecting Calheta To the island’s capital called Porto Inglés. This makes for a nice day trip since it’s only 10 km away. The island Maio is easily accessible by boat or plane. If you fly from the main island Praia It only takes 15 minutes in comparison to the boat journey that takes 30 minutes.

Complete overview

Price 1 731 300 Kč
Area 853 m2
Reference number MAIO8000B
Electricity, water and gas Available
Airport and port Available
Distance from the beach First line
Povolení k stavbě Construction permit

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