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Investment Opportunity: Luxurious Residential Complex in Cabo Verde — DUARGEMA – House Of Diaspora Introduction: Embark on a singular investment journey with a dedicated private fund that will drive the creation of a premium residential complex in Cabo Verde. Perfectly positioned in the capital, the development promises enchanting sea vistas, embraced by verdant surroundings. This upscale offering consists of 60 contemporary apartments, 3 elite penthouses, 4 duplexes, over 60 garages, a swimming pool, commercial spaces, fitness center, pristine green areas, and more — a sanctuary of luxury and security. Investment Overview:
  • Total Fund Objective: €4,000,000.
  • Per Investor Contribution: 125 000 €
  • Desired Number of Investors: 32
  • Investment Tenure: 5 years. Please note that funds will be locked in for thisduration, with penalties applied for early withdrawal.
  • Return on Investment: We project an ROI of approximately 19% p.a. Profits will beequitably distributed among investors. While we cannot guarantee an exact ROI dueto policy constraints, our projections are rooted in positivity and confidence.
  • Administration Fee: A total of 70% will be reserved for DuarGema Investment s.r.o.'sadministrative processes.Project Highlights: 1. Prime Location: Nestled in the capital city, the complex promises residentsunmatched sea views and the luxury of nearby green zones. 2. Growth Potential: The Cabo Verde real estate trajectory is pointing upwards,particularly for elite properties. This project's unmatched location and distinctionaffirm its strong investment allure.
3. Expertise Driven: Entrusted to a team with a wealth of experience in real estate management and developmental projects, ensuring meticulous execution and adherence to the highest quality benchmarks. 4. Profitable Yields: The ROI framework is structured to assure investors attractive returns upon maturity, underpinning the fund's sustainable growth ethos. Your Invitation: We cordially invite you to partake in this groundbreaking venture. Investing with us not only positions you for substantial returns but also aligns you with the thriving real estate and touristic tapestry of Cabo Verde, an emergent beacon of prosperity.
For an in-depth conversation or to request additional details about this project, please contact us. We eagerly anticipate the possibility of forging a fruitful partnership with you. With warm regards, Mónica Sofia Duarte Cape Verde Real Estate s.r.o

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