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For sale 4 plots of various sizes, located in the touristic development area of Murdeira, SAL


negotiated price


40 000 m2


Sal, Murdeira, Cabo Verde

For sale 4 plots of various sizes, located in the touristic development area of Murdeira, SAL

Murdeira is a village on the island of Sal in Cape Verde. The village is located on the west coast, 8 km south of the island’s capital Espargos and 10 km north of Santa Maria. Approximately halfway along the main road of Sal.

Sale of 4 plots of various sizes, located in the tourist development area of Murdeira, the full name then Murdeira Beach Resort.

Murdeira Beach Resort consists of 9 plots (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H and I) as can be seen in the attached plan.

Plot H is a plot owned by the English Trust which in my opinion is under threat due to its unstable and conflicting situation.

Plot G is divided into 4 sub-plots (G1,G2,G3 and G4) as shown in the attached.

I currently have Plots D and E of Murdeira Beach Resort available for negotiation, as per the attached map.
I can also negotiate sub-plots G2 (2.0 hectares) and G3 (4.0 hectares) of plot G, as you can see on the next attached map.
The remaining plots are then already occupied.

The prices I propose (subject to further negotiation), based on official valuations and market prices, are as follows:

– Plot D of 65,000.00 m2 (6.5 ha)…………. €20/m2……….€1,300,000.00
– Plot E with 215,000.00 m2 (21.5 ha) …….. 30 eur/m2 ………6,450,000.00 eur
– Parcel F with 100 000,00 m2 (21,5 ha) …….. 40 eur/m2 ……… 4000 000,00 eur
– Sub-lot G2 with 20,000 m2 (2.0 ha) …. 50 EUR/m2 ………1,000,000.00 EUR
– Sub-lot G3 with 40,000.00 m2 (4.0 ha) …. 45 EUR/m2 ………1,800,000.00 EUR

All these plots are intended for the construction of hotel and tourist properties. Please find attached examples of projects we have prepared for these plots.

If you would like to build a project that is not too large, I suggest purchasing MBR’s sub-plot G3 of 2 ha (20,000 sqm), which has an excellent location. On this plot you can build a medium sized hotel (about 80 to 100 beds) or a large mansion with swimming pools, training ground and also 10 or more villas. This is the smallest plot I have available in this area.

For more information please contact me at: [email protected] or 00420 736446317

Complete overview

Price negotiated price
Area 40 000 m2
Reference number mudeira001
Row 1 and 2
Modern city with an international airport yes
Note the price does not include the commission of the RK, legal service

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